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The Asia Illustrations Annual Awards is a transnational artwork IP platform founded by the Asia Illustrations Society in the year 2015, started from Taiwan Taipei Huashan 1914 Creative Park, held 4 times in the form of exhibition, leading the illustrations industry and driving the Asia artwork IP market, as well as providing a social media platform for the cultural and creative brands, and improving the competitiveness of the illustrations industry internationally. Besides having an Art Exhibition in Taiwan annually, the artwork platform had also been successfully promoted to 17 countries including Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, while transnationally publishing the Asia Illustrations Yearbook annually, looking to strengthen the scale of the cultural and creative industry in the Asia market.

Asia Illustrations Annual Awards shortlisted illustrators will have 5 pieces of artworks printed in the Illustrations Yearbook, along with contact info (including email address, blog site, fan page etc.), providing an important connecting platform to the illustration industry for illustration artwork IP collaboration.

Asia Illustrations Annual Awards publishes the Asia Illustrations Yearbook annually, sold not only in every Taiwan Eslite and Taiwan Kingstone, but also in every major bookstores located in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore region as well as most online bookstores. The Asia Illustrations Annual Awards is now the annual index for the industry to decide on illustration project collaborations. This allows all illustration lovers in Asia and the industry professionals to be able to browse through the creative works of illustrators through this project, and ultimately promoting business cooperation and communication.

3. The Asia Illustrations Annual Awards exhibition has already been held in Taiwan – Taoyuan, Taiwan – Taichung, Taiwan – Tainan and other cultural park as well as the grand exhibition launch in the capital of Taiwan – Taipei Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Outside of Taiwan, the first international exhibition was held at Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur Berjaya Times Square on 2017 before being expanded to Japan – Kobe, China – Zhuhai and other cities in Asia. Being shortlisted in the 2019 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards will be a great honor and a good chance for illustrators to display their artworks on an international platform.

During the Malaysia exhibition, there were illustrations and sculptures from all over the Asia displayed. There were also Meet & Greet Autograph Session, Live Mural Art Painting and Art Craft Workshop and other exciting activities. Working together with NGO Shark Savers, a live painting session of Shark Batik and Shark Sculpture that conducted by local art colleges was held to spread the awareness of ‘Save Our Sharks, Stop Finning’ campaign.

4. All shortlisted illustrators will not only be able to participate in all exhibitions in Asia region with a free VIP pass, but also be allowed to participate in opening ceremonies, press conferences and autograph sessions and other activities through the 2019 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards exhibitions period to celebrate the annual festival of the Illustrations industry with their fans.

5. Besides organizing the physical exhibitions annually, the 2019 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards also utilizes the newest technology to bring illustrations to reality (including 3D interactive scenes, AR augmented reality) to allow participants to venture in the illustrated world created by the illustrators.

6. As the scale of the Asia Illustrations Annual Awards increases annually and have up to 17 countries and regions involved, opportunities for transnational collaborations also increases. Asia Illustrations Annual Awards shortlisted illustrators could be discovered by international well-known corporations or producers, thereby increasing the chances of business collaborations and partnerships. Here are some examples of business collaborations involving illustrators in different industries.

Collaboration of Illustration Artwork with Movie Industry
Shortlisted 2019 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards illustrators have the opportunity to work with movie industries, just like 2016 shortlisted illustrator 貓靈, her style of illustrations drew the attention of film director, Wei Te-sheng and got invited to illustrate the key vision for the movie <52Hz, I Love You>, thereby adding a different touch to the movie.

Branding Collaboration with internationally renowned IP Hatsune Miku
When the Miku Expo was first held in Taiwan, the Hatsune Miku producing company Crypton Future Media invited Asia Illustrations Annual Awards shortlisted illustrators through collaboration with Asia Illustrations Society as the official Taiwanese Miku Illustrator to illustrate Miku for the Miku Expo adopting the illustrators’ own style. The illustrators not only get to work with an internationally renowned IP but also at the same time increase their brand awareness.

Branding Collaboration with Non-Profit Party
The Taiwan DHL and the Asia Illustrations Society organized event – the Global Volunteer Day Event invited shortlisted Asian Illustrations Annual Awards illustrator to participate the charity event by bringing a new look to schools in rural area with their original illustrations, in addition to raising the opportunity for personal creation, branding and working with sponsoring branded organization, and also promoting their personal Illustrations branding image.

Collaboration of Illustration Artwork with MITSUBISHI MOTORS
Shortlisted 2019 Asian Illustrations Annual Awards illustrators could have the chance of working together with internationally renowned corporation with a personal project, for example, 2017 shortlisted illustrators got invited to collaborate with Suzuki by combining the MITSUBISHI MOTORS Outlander with Illustrations. The artwork was exhibited to public in the 2017 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, not only increasing the brand awareness of involved illustrators, but also displaying the artwork in an entirely different form.

Collaboration of Illustration Artwork with Enterprising
Taiwan’s Uni-President Enterprise discovered the artwork of a Japanese illustrator, Kenji Inoue through the 2016 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards. Inoue’s style of illustration is in perfect harmony with a Japanese-style ramen noodles produced by Uni-President Enterprise. Inoue was thus engaged to collaborate on the package design of the “Ramen Noodle”. The sale of the product across the province has led to the transnational commercial collaboration between the Japanese and Taiwanese Illustration industry.

Callaboration with Hong Kong Illustration Brand, Caffé Rody
Hong Kong illustration brand, Caffé Rody, alongwith Asia Illustrations Society and Family Support Center had jointly organized a Creative Art Exhibition, and invited the illustrators selected for the Asia Illustrations Annual Awards to create a unique painted Rody doll using their individual style of illustration together with Rody Jumping Horse. During the event, the illustrators and the children of the Family Support Center experienced the joy of painting and help the children to create childlike paintings. This event allowed illustrators to collaborate with well known international brands, and also enhance their own illustration brand image by participating in charitable activities.

Japan’s well-known IP Kapibarasan in Collaboration with Illustrators
Kapibarasan, a well-known portrait developed by Japan’s Bandai Corporation, through the Asia Illustrations Society, had jointly collaborated with 8 other illustrators from the Asia region, including Japan (Domo Kun, Intense Cat, Tenagasan), Korea (Myoo) and Taiwan (ChuChuMei, LU’s, BluesBear); and jointly held the Illustration of Kapibarasan’s Everyday Life Exhibition at Taipei Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Warehouse No.1, looking to promote the illustration brands from other countries to Japan through the cooperation with Japanese IP.

Collaboration with FarEasTone friDay Wallet Mobile Payment
In 2018, FarEasTone friDay Wallet strongly supported the 2018 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, and introduced the mobile payment system at the physical exhibition. It is a collaboration example combining business and illustration, making the illustration market more vast and diversified.

Xiao Qing Yang in collaboration with Garmany’s Faber-Castell
Germany’s famous art tool brand, Faber-Castell collaborates with Taiwan’s famous illustrator Xiao Qing Yang through the Asia Illustrations Annual Awards to create a Xiao Qing Yang’s studio in the 2018 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards physocal exhibition.

Brand collaboration with Japanese AR Manufacturer COCOAR2
In 2018, 250 illustrators selected for the Asia Illustrations Annual Award collaborates with Japan’s famous AR manufacturer COCOAR2 to integrate the augmented reality technology and adopt the AR function onto 300 illustrations in the 2018 Asia Illustrations Yearbook Collection, to have a more diverse presentation of the illustration artworks.

7. Media campaigns, related news coverage:

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2016 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards
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2017 Taoyuan Illustrations Exhibition
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● National Education Radio


2018 Asia Illustrations Annual Exhibition
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● United Daily News / Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, Taiwanese Illustration Going International


● CTS Taiwan News / Asia Illustrations Awards, Collection of Artworks from 17 Countries


● Hakka TV / “Blessing Comes with Blessing and Artisans” EP5: 2018 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards

● Yahoo News / Change the World with Illustrations! Songshan Cultural & Creative Park Warehouse No. 1 Debut


● LINE TODAY / Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, First Stop! Illustrator fans flood the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Warehouse No.1


● ETtoday / Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, Illustrations Adopt the AR Effects, Creating the most Interesting Exhibition of the Year



1. March 2014 2015 Asia Illustrations Yearbook Collection
2. January 2015 2015 Asia Illustrations Yearbook Published
3. January 2015 2015 Illustrations Arts Festival at Taipei Huashan
4. April 2015 2016 Asia Illustrations Yearbook Collection
5. June 2015 2015 Illustrations Arts Festival at Taichung Calligraphy Greenway
6. April 2016 2016 Asia Illustrations Yearbook Published
7. June 2016 2017 Asia Illustrations Yearbook Collection
8. July 2016 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, Taichung
9. October 2016 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, Tainan
10. November 2016 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, Zhuhai
11. January 2017 2017 Asia Illustrations Yearbook Published
12. January 2017 Taoyuan Illustrations Exhibition: The Rise of Asia
13. July 2017 2018 Asia Illustrations Yearbook Collection
14. August 2017 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, Malaysia
15. October 2017 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, Kobe, Japan
16. October 2017 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, Sapporo, Japan
17. December 2017 2018 Asia Illustrations Yearbook Published
18. December 2017 Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, Taipei (Songshan Cultural & Creative Park)


After years of experience in hosting the Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, this prominent annual Asian event has been great and has attracted international attention and recognition. Being selected for the Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, the illustrators not only able to showcase their work, but at the same time have more chances to increase their brand awareness through this premium platform. The illustrators are also more likely to have contact to different opportunities for collaboration. More importantly, illustrators will grow along with the Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, accumulate more diverse and meaningful experiences through this event, and leave their marks in the history of modern Asian illustrations. We sincerely invite everyone to participate in the Asia Illustrations Annual Awards and “Let Illustration Change the World”



For submission details and precautions, please refer to the instructions below.

※ 2019 Submission Registration and Get A Complimentary 2019 Yearbook Special Offer Period:
Starts on April 21, 2018 00:00, ends on May 21 23:59
※Announcement date of shortlisted candidates: July 1, 2018
※Please prepare the following 5 documents and files before submission.

1. Personal Particulars
(1) Actual name or pen name (Either one):
(2) E-mail:
(3) Official website or Facebook fan page:
(4) Personal introduction (Max 100 words, words exceeding the prescribed word limit ought to be deleted. Please write in Traditional Chinese or English):
(5) Nationality:
(6) Contact number (including country code):
(7) Contact nddress (including zip code):

2. 5 Pieces of Artworks
Submission Format:
A. Style: New and old artwork of any style can be submitted (so long as the copyright of the artwork belongs to the contestant himself)
※ Do not include any autographs or texts in your artwork, has an image-based illustrations as a main point of submission. Non-compliant artwork shall be disqualified and shall not be refunded. (After being selected, the organiser will label each artwork with the contestant’s autograph in a clear and complete manner. Don’t worry about it.)
B. File name: Please enter a name for the artwork, max 10 words
C. Format: JPEG (.JPG)
D. Color Mode: CMYK
E. Size: (horizontal) 72.5 x 60.5cm or (vertical) 60.5cm x 72.5
F. Resolution: 72dpi
(Please retain the original image with a resolution of 300dpi for post selection editing use)

3. Personal Photos
Submission Format:
A. Content: Limited to colour or black-and-white photo of actual person (cannot reveal the face, head shot image illustration is not acceptable)
B. Format: JPEG (.JPG)
C. Color Mode: CMYK
D. Size: 5X5cm
E. Resolution: 300dpi

4. Autograph
Submission Format:
A. Content: Personal handwritten autogragh file in white background, black wordings (best without background).
B. Format: JPEG (.JPG)
C. Color Mode: CMYK
D. Size: about 9X5.4CM range
E. Resolution: 300dpi

5. Consent Statement
A. Download the Consent Statement file and print out on A4 paper (Asia Illustrations Yearbook Collection Activity – Consent Statement and Privacy Policy PDF file)
Contract Link :
Link  (Google):

B. Autograph and dated
C. Scan as 300dpi jpg file
D. Upload jpg file to the Contract field of registration

※ After preparing all the above 5 documents and files, kindly attach the pay slip for entry fee (NT. 1800) to this site: 
together with your detail and artworks.

※ You can choose 3 way to finish the payment:
1. Credit Card
2. ATM
3. 7-11 or Famiport 


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